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Almost everyone enjoys using a grill to cook a meal. It is easy to understand why. When the weather is warm, it is better to spend the cooking time in the outdoors enjoying the beautiful weather. Grilling gives people a lot of latitude with their cooking to experiment and try different things. There is also something alluring about cooking using metal tools and an open flame. Furthermore, properly oiling the grates or using tinfoil can make the cleaning process a breeze. When someone is learning how to grill, they often wonder what kind of grill recipes they should know to enhance their grilling game.

Chili Garlic Chicken Skewers

Grilled Chicken Skewers

Someone who is learning how to grill shouldn’t be afraid to try skewer grill recipes. One of the aspects of grilling that people can struggle with is flipping or turning the meat because the heat of the grill can be intimidating. Adding in skewers to grill recipes makes this process easier and ensures the meat will cook evenly. This grill recipe is straightforward. After cutting the chicken, coat the chicken in garlic spices and a chili sauce. Cover with some parsley for garnish and skewer the chicken. Place on the grill and rotate until done! After, some people may prefer to serve these skewers with some Greek yogurt to help contrast the hot and spicy flavor of the chicken. The party guests will love this sweet and spicy chicken grill recipe.

Grilled Watermelon with Jalapeno and Lemon

Grilled Watermelon

Some people would be surprised to learn that you can actually grill fruit; however, try this grill recipe and then ask that question again. Impressing guests with grilled fruit is sure to earn some praise from party guests and this watermelon recipe is always a hit! Cut up the watermelon into the typical triangles that everyone knows and loves. Coat the watermelon with salt. Dice up some jalapenos and lemon slices and place them on top of the watermelon. Place the watermelon on the grill with the jalapenos and lemons on top. Let them sit on a hot grill for a few minutes and then rotate the watermelon slices 90 degrees. This helps to give the checkerboard pattern that impresses everyone. Remove the watermelon slices and serve to guests as either an appetizer or a dessert. Everyone will be impressed!

Grilled Pork Chops with Balsamic Grilled Peaches

Grilled Pork Chops

Pork chops are always a favorite on the grill and this grill recipe will definitely add to that legacy. Take the pork chops and coat them in the spices of choice, preferably something with a kick. Once the pork chops have been coated and seasoned to taste, take some peaches and slice them up. Place the peaches in a bowl and toss them in some balsamic vinaigrette sauce. Move the peaches to a piece of tinfoil and wrap them in the foil. Place the pork chops and peaches in tinfoil on the grill and let them cook completely. Remember to flip the pork chops at the halfway point. Remove the pork chops and the peaches from the grill and serve the pork chops with the peaches in the balsamic sauce. This recipe perfectly pairs the sweet and tangy flavors of the peaches with the spice and rich flavors of the pork chops. Some people like to add onions into the mix for a little extra kick.

Grilled London Broil

Grilled London Broil

A grilled London broil is a grilling recipe that should be in everyone’s arsenal. This cut of meat is always a popular hit with every party guest as it is known for its rich flavor. The first step is to marinate the meat at room temperature. If the meat is at room temperature, it will marinate more quickly and help the meat to cook evenly. Cut the meat at 90-degree angles in a checkerboard pattern. This will help the meat to absorb more of the marinade and flavor while also helping the inside to cook along with the outside before the outside burns. Once the grill is hot, place the London broil on the grill and cook it for only a short time on each side. The London broil is best served at a medium rare cooking point to ensure that it is tender. People looking for serving sauces should try horseradish sauce or a steak sauce.

Grilled Brie Cheese

Brie cheese is a popular appetizer and can definitely be cooked on the grill. Take the Brie cheese and place it on a heated grill for about ten minutes. Watch for the Brie to turn a nice golden brown color. This is the sign that it is ready. Remove the Brie from the grill and place a fruit jelly or salsa on top. Strawberries or blackberries tend to work well. Serve the cheese and fruit salsa mix with some toasted bread and everyone will dig in!

Ultimately, people can create their own grilling experience by trying these recipes or inventing their own. The nice thing about the grill is that people have the freedom to express themselves using their cooking. These are some of the classic recipes that are always reliable that people can use to wow their party guests at the next backyard grill; however, feel free to place a personal twist on these grill recipes!

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