Propane Grill vs Natural Gas Grill – Which is Better?

Which type of gas grill makes for the superior grilling experience?

  • Is it propane?
  • Or, is it natural gas?

The truth is, you can grill up some excellent meals with either type. And you will still have a great time doing it. If you’re on the fence about which direction to go, keep reading. You’ll see what the main differences are between the two.

Propane Grill or Natural Gas Grill – What is the difference?

To a certain extent, it’s true that no matter what type of gas grill you get, it amounts to the same thing. You’re cooking with gas. In fact, gas grills are typically optimized to take full advantage of the type of gas they’re manufactured to use.

Whether you choose one type of gas grill over the other, your grilling will not suffer for the choice.

Propane and Natural Gas BBQ Buying Guide

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Is a Propane or Natural Gas grill more convenient?

The main deciding factor between a propane grill or natural gas grill may just come down to convenience. Propane is the popular choice for grilling, but not because it’s superior to natural gas. It’s because propane is more prevalent. It’s far easier to find propane, propane setups, and propane accessories.

You can use and reuse propane tanks. Since they’re portable, it’s easier to grill where you want without worrying about the length of your gas line.

However, natural gas is on the rise. It’s possible to find natural gas equipment for your grill and setup fairly easily these days. The convenience of natural gas comes from the fact that it’s typically your own gas line. That means you don’t have to haul tanks, have them refilled, or worry about suddenly running out of gas while you’re grilling.

In cases of homes that don’t already have a gas line, it’s usually a simple task to have a natural gas line installed. Understand that a dedicated gas line does not allow for a lot of portability. If you do choose natural gas, it’s best to have a dedicated grilling area, or an outdoor kitchen.

Of course, many people that enjoy grilling don’t have the ability to install a dedicated gas line. If you’re renting, or otherwise lack the authority to make such an upgrade, then propane is the way to go.

Is Propane or Natural Gas grilling cheaper?

How often you grill should also play a role in your decision between a propane grill or a natural gas grill. A gas connection can add a few bucks to your monthly gas bill. If you don’t grill much, your utility costs won’t increase by much.

By comparison, filling a single propane tank can cost about the same amount. If you grill a lot, those costs can add up, especially if you utilize a backup propane tank as well. Natural gas can represent the better option for overall costs. However, if you don’t have a gas line, you’ll have to pay that one time charge to have one professionally installed.

Natural gas grills tend to have lower price tags than propane grills in general. Propane uses far more BTUs per square inch than natural gas. That means with an hour-by-hour comparison, propane is far more expensive than natural gas.

Does Propane or Natural Gas burn cleaner?

Natural gas burns cleaner than propane. While this may not seem like much of a concern to some, it does mean you will have to spend more time cleaning your grill if you use propane. Both types of gas are relatively energy-efficient, so you don’t have to worry that you’re putting up a lot of carbon emissions from either choice.

Still can’t decide between a Propane or Natural Gas grill?

There are many reasons to choose one or the other. It will all come down to your personal preference. If you’re truly on the fence about which direction to go in, there are actually hybrid grills out there that use both propane and natural gas. These grills allow you to choose which type of gas you plan to use for the evening’s grilling.

You should never try to use one type of gas for a grill designed to use the other. It’s possible to convert a gas grill, but you’re typically better off with just buying a new one. Besides, the quality of the grill you purchase also plays a large role in how efficiently it handles any kind of gas.

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