How to Grill Frog Legs

If you have never experienced the awesome taste of frog legs, you are missing out. Prior to grilling, make sure to place them in a marinade as this will extenuate the flavor. One such marinade is a simple mix of vegetable oil, onion, basil, parsley, mustard, salt, the juice of a lemon and lemon zest. This will result in a tangy flavor which complements the frog legs perfectly.

how to cook great tasting frog legs on the grill

easy to do and taste great.

Easy Steps to Grilled Frog Legs

1. Marinade the Frog Legs

Place the frog legs into a baking dish and pour some of the marinade over them then cover with plastic wrap. Set aside a marinade reserve for later use. Store in the refrigerator for at least three hours. During this time, the frog legs are absorbing the flavors and nutrients from the marinade allowing for an attack on the taste buds once they are cooked. It is important to note that the frog legs must be placed in the baking dish in a single layer to ensure they marinate evenly. While they marinade in the refrigerator, turn them with tongs to cover all sides.

2. Prepare the Grill

Prior to removing the frog legs from the refrigerator, brush the grill with vegetable oil and preheat it to a medium setting. When using a gas grill, preheating all burners to a medium setting will ensure thorough and consistent cooking. If using a charcoal grill, place two layers of charcoal on the bottom of the grill and let them sit until the flame burns away leaving a small layer of ash. This will provide a smokey flavor without charring the frog legs during the cooking process.

3. How to Grill Frog Legs

Now that the grill is prepped and the legs are marinaded, drain the excess marinade and transfer the frog legs to the grill. Cover the grill and cook for only three minutes then turn them over, close and cook another 3-to-4 minutes. You will know these are thoroughly cooked when there are not traces of pink meat left. Also, the meat should separate from the bones with little effort. It is important to note that smaller frog legs cook very quickly while larger frog legs cook slower so cooking times may vary.

4. Extra Marinade

With the reserved marinade, combine with butter and garlic and heat in a small saucepan over medium heat. Continue cooking until the butter has completely melted. Make sure to stir often for a good mixture. This entire process should only take 1-2 minutes.

5. How to Serve Frog LegsĀ 

With the frog legs grilled to perfection, it is time to serve them to your hungry guests. Transfer the frog legs to a serving dish and drizzle the extra butter marinade over and around them . Do not place excess sauce on a single leg as it could be too much for some diners.

Types of Marinades

Frog legs are a versatile type of meat that will taste good with virtually any marinade or dry rub. These can range from store-bought marinades and dressings to home made. One unique recipe to try is buffalo frog legs. There are many buffalo sauce recipes available. To serve, you would grill the frog legs with a little salt and pepper then toss them in buffalo sauce and serve like chicken wings.

There are many ways to cook frog legs but nothing beats grilling them over a charcoal surface with a nice homemade marinade. These two factors really bring out the flavors of the frog leg and will impress your guests.

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