How to Start a Charcoal Grill with a Charcoal Chimney Starter

If you are a fan of grilling, you probably know that it is more than just a way to prepare food. For many, it is an art. There are many ways to grill food, and there are actually different ways to carry out each step of the process. If you are looking for easy ways to start a charcoal grill, you might already know about the charcoal chimney starter. This is a metal cylinder that makes it possible for you to start your charcoal grill correctly and easily. For anyone who has a charcoal grill or is cooking over coals, this is a great item to have and will make grilling much easier and probably leave you with better tasting food as well.

The cylindrical shape of a charcoal chimney starter allows intense heat to start the coals burning faster. An updraft is actually created by the hot air that is rising from the bottom of the device, which sends heat waves towards the top and forces the coals to light up. The coals will then burn out any chemicals that are contained within them before you actually cook over them. If you end up needing to add more coal while you are in the middle of the cooking process, you can even use the charcoal chimney starter again to light more.

There are many benefits to using a charcoal chimney starter. Using one of these starters is the most efficient, safest, and least expensive way to start a charcoal grill. It can light up with charcoal briquettes and lump charcoal. You do not even need any liquid starter fluid or charcoal lighter fluid to start a charcoal grill in this way. One of the main benefits of using a charcoal chimney starter is that the charcoal will not just be poured out onto the center of the grill to potentially leave a nasty flavor on your food. Coals have a petroleum smoky burn that can actually end up flavoring your food in an undesirable way when they are added onto the charcoal grill without being lit first, which is why it is a great idea to use this device to light them first before putting them onto the grill.

How to Use a Charcoal Chimney Starter

How to Use a Charcoal Chimney Starter

In order to light a charcoal chimney starter, you should loosely pack two or three pages of newspaper or a bit of kindling wood at the bottom of the chimney. Stick a little bit of it out through the bottom chimney holes, so that it ignites more easily. Then, add the coals into the chimney, and put the starter onto a solid fireproof surface for safety. Many people put it right on top of the charcoal grate in the grill, which will allow for maximum air flow for the coals as they burn. Light up the kindling or newspaper, and then get ready for smoke. The coals will start lighting on fire after about two minutes, and at this point, the smoke should start to die down. Stay around to make sure that the coals are indeed burning. The coals should be ready for the grilling process after about 20 or 25 minutes. A good sign that they are almost ready is fire coming out of the top of the chimney starter. Lump charcoal will typically be ready more quickly than will briquettes. When they are ready, make sure you have your leather grilling gloves on, and then gently empty them into the fire box or charcoal grate of your grill. Using metal tongs, spread them evenly on the grate. Then, make sure the cooking grate is back in place, put the lid back on the grill, and once it has sufficiently heated up, you will be ready to cook your food.

As you can see, a charcoal chimney starter can be an indispensable tool for the grilling process. It can make the process much easier, and you do not have to deal with lighter fluid when you have one. Many people swear by one, and if you have not tried it, you should certainly give it a try and see how it works for you. Chances are that you will see just how convenient it can be and be grateful that you have it.

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